Short Description

Servixio Outsourcing, Servixio World's virtual outsourcing company, is currently looking for full-time or part-time Business Development Specialists who will help us develop our business by acquiring long-term and valuable clients and partners.


Job Description

• Acquire long-term and valuable clients (startups, SMEs, large companies)

• Acquire long-term and valuable partners (service providers, media, etc.)

• Daily communication with the founder and the rest of the team through Slack and Servixio Email

• Regularly hit all metrics, targets, and goals monthly



• Candidates should be passionate about startups and helping businesses regardless of their stage.

• Candidates are expected to have a knowledge about startups.

• Candidates should be willing to work for a pure commission package with a stock bonus.

• Candidates can work full-time or part-time as long as all targets will be met.

• Candidates should have a working knowledge and passion in building relationships with people, especially prospective clients.


Skills Required


About the Opportunity

Servixio Outsourcing is only interested in working with people who understand that the amount of success and financial reward that you will get from your job will only be based on the amount of the contribution that you will add to the company's overall value. As a Business Development Specialist, excellence is always expected inside our startup company.

You will work with a founder-driven startup that is influenced by a set of core values. We don't focus on the "glamor" or "awesomeness" of a startup company, or how "cool" an idea is. We focus on results and results alone. If you are a results-oriented person, with natural talent in building relationships and closing deals, with a knack for spotting and even creating opportunities, and who can accept a results-based compensation package, then this is a great place for you to start and grow your career.


What will the Candidate Learn?

• How a real and profitable startup works outside its "glamor" and "awesomeness"

• How to deal with different types of people in the business and startup world

• How important and influential core values are for a company

• How to work with discipline inside a company where excellence is always expected

• How it feels to be paid based on performance and not on the hours worked


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