Short Description

Support the Local IT team in providing IT assistance to the employees of Global Services Manila.

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Job Description

Assists the IT Support Specialist in:

  • Troubleshooting hardware related problems.
  • Setting up computers, printers and other peripherals
  • Installing in-house and other application software

Assists in performing preventive maintenance to ensure smooth operations of computer and other hardware equipment.

Assists in handling minor networking concerns such as patch cabling.

Assists in testing new hardware and software.

Performs other similar or related desktop support functions that may be assigned from time to time under the direct supervision of the regular staff of the Local IT.

Abides by and perform to the best of his abilities all functions, duties and responsibilities to be assigned by GSM in due course;

Complies with the orders and instructions given from time to time by GSM through its authorized representatives;
Will not disclose any confidential information in respect of the affairs of the company to any unauthorized person, in accordance with the firm's Non-Disclosure Policy;

Performs any other administrative or non-administrative duties as assigned by any GSM  representative from time to time either through direct written order or by any verbal assignment.



  • Information Technology course
  • Attentive with Details
  • Good Customer Services Skills
  • Good Communication Skills

Skills Required

Microsoft Office

About the Opportunity

To assume the responsibilities typical in the position of an IT Support Specialist intern in an enterprise environment.


What will the Candidate Learn?


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