About this Company

In the Filipino language, the term �ka� expresses togetherness, doing things together, or having things in common. Pair it with �solar�, and we have kasolar, conveying a term that means togetherness in solar energy, hence Kasolar.ph

We at Kasolar.ph aim to create and cultivate a sustainable ecosystem for the solar and renewable energy industry from across all market segments with our online platform. Through our business-to-business-to-consumer marketplace, we simplify the process of conveniently linking manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers and consumers, to scale the growth of solar power as the country�s main source of renewable energy.

Solar energy, a clean, sustainable and now increasingly more affordable power source, now plays a significant role in the country�s current and future energy needs.

Whether the need is residential, commercial, agricultural or utility scale, or from a single solar panel or battery to a full sized installation, kasolar.ph optimizes a network of solar energy providers in your area or at a location nearest you.

At kasolar.ph, we are bringing together and synergizing the solar energy industry.

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