How can an organization lessen the risk of attrition?

Attrition in the organization is referred to by the Human Resources as the gradual loss of employees over time. In general, relatively high attrition may cause problems for the companies and organizations. Attrition is manifested and reflected when employees voluntarily resign from their jobs. There are several reasons why this may occur: employees move to... Continue Reading

5ive common mistakes that prevent you from getting that prized job offer

Number one – You’re not virtually out there. You’re not on social media or online job boards. Leverage on social media to have different avenues and opportunities for employment. The Internet is a great networking platform, make it easier for us to find you. Number two – You tend to oversell. There’s nothing wrong when you tell... Continue Reading

Why do some employees become job hoppers?

A job hopper is an employee who works briefly or for a short-period of time with one company after another rather than staying with at one job or organization long-term. Although it is normal to change jobs or to switch careers, job hopper would do it than the normal frequency. Job hopping results to one... Continue Reading

What are the types of managers you will meet?

Companies need leaders to rule over the business, organize the company, and manage its employees. These leaders come in the form of company managers. But what is a manager and how should they function? In simple terms, a manager is someone responsible for controlling or administering all or part or a company or any other... Continue Reading

What industries promote and provide long-term careers in Asia Pacific Region?

Some people would look at their jobs and just see it as it is – a job. Meaning, they are just doing something and performing various tasks every now and then for the reward or compensation. But majority would agree that people are working hard to create a suitable and sustainable career for themselves. People... Continue Reading

What are the benefits of contract job?

When professionals seek out for possible career opportunities in the market. The vast majority are hoping to land a permanent position that is complete with benefits and a better sense of stability. However, some companies, due to some economic changes are creating temporary roles to fill in. Many job seekers are wary or doubtful when... Continue Reading

The BPO Industry in 2017

Looking back at the success of the Business Process Outsourcing industry certainly has opened up a lot of opportunities for the economy and became a platform for various careers for the professional workforce. But with certain changes and external factors that can affect the industry, how is it seen to stay afloat through the year 2017? With... Continue Reading

Diplomazee sponsored De Stijl Image Reinvented’s 9th anniversary fashion show

Recently, HR Tech start up firm Diplomazee sponsored the 9th Anniversary Fashion Show of DE STIJL IMAGE REINVENTED. It was held last January 2017 at Baguio Country Club. Students from top schools in Baguio and distinguished guests attended the said event. Six models from these schools flaunted the latest designs from local fashion designers. They... Continue Reading

Diplomazee: Empowering employment to emerging markets

Planning to work after graduation? Looking for a new job? Nowadays, newly graduates from college having a hard time getting a job. Some companies require applicants to have at least 6 months experience. Some job seekers in the Philippines ended up working for different industries. There’s a new HR Tech Start-up, Diplomazee made for newly... Continue Reading

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